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Sagaboi is an emerging space where men’s fashion content with diverse and multi-cultural cues gets showcased. Content creators producing stellar works featuring the people, places, products and popular connected to men’s fashion, please come through. If your work matches the aforementioned description, we want to know about and desire to feature it.

“Sagaboi’s call for stellar submissions is always open.”

Our print issues are a brief in men’s fashion exploring a singular theme. Creatives who fit best with the concept are contacted. It is rare that we accept submissions for print but if you believe your work to be strong and vibes off the zeitgeist, email us. We are currently working on our 2017 issue.


We field submissions from all over the world. Please reach out by sending an email to [email protected]. Unfortunately, due to the high submission volumes, we can only respond to content and works that meet our editorial parameters.


Once approved we will require the following from you:

Story Information. Please include a brief overview of your work or story, its title and any pertinent information that you wish to be included.

Image Dimensions/Requirements. Please send all images in high resolutions (300dpi minimum and CMYK). The recommended size for images to show properly within posts and in the Featured Posts area on the homepage and category pages is 1800 x 1080px (or the portrait equivalent).

All Credits. Please supply ALL the credits for works produced: team (all creatives involved, including assistants, models [and their agencies where applicable]) and styling credits (all products and brands featured).

Additional Information. Please refrain from posting approved images or stories online or on social media prior to the publishing of your story. We reserve the right to pull the story should you do so.

Legal. We are not liable for costs, if any, occurred at your shoot. Please only carry out a shoot if you can financially afford to and have the necessary insurance to cover any unforeseen damage. Commissioning letters do not guarantee the publishing of your editorial. The editor will make the final decision. Decisions are based on the quality and relevance of the submission. The timing that your editorial will be published in may also be subject to change. Please stick to the deadline and have arranged release forms where appropriate. Should you be unhappy with any of the points brought up, please discuss them with us prior to submitting.

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