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Hamid Onifade is his name, and there is no way you can say you have never seen his face before, unless you can’t see, of course. This 23-year-old male model has been the face of some of the world’s biggest brands, the most recent being Nordstrom, but its hard to say since he works every day!

His soft and gentle features, as well as his intense gentlemanly look,  could be the reason he has been working non-stop for the past two years. From catwalks to campaigns, Hamid is busy. Recent runways include Ralph Lauren, Philip Plein and Ports1961 and his most recent campaigns include, LEVIS, Zara, JCrew, and H&M.

Onifade was one of the most successful male models in the business in 2017. With a top ranking spot on the Model.com’s Hot List, Hamid is killing it right now. Was he born to be a model, based on his bookability both on the catwalk and commercial side, over the past year, the answer surely has to be yes.


Where are you from?

HO: I was born in Paris but grew up in West Africa, Benin, and now I live in NYC.

If you can chill with anyone, dead or alive, who would that be and why?

HO: Bernie Mac

If you were to be an animal, which would you be?

HO: I would have to say a leopard because I enjoy my solitude.

Hamid Onifade - Top Black Male Model Story for Sagaboi and Sagaboi.com.

What would you be doing if not modelling?

HO: I would be a computer engineer.

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What inspires you most?

HO: Self-driven people.”[/perfectpullquote]

What’s your greatest wish for yourself?

HO: My greatest wish is to discover something I am passionate about.

Where would you want to travel? And why?

HO: Anywhere. I love discovering new places around the world. My favourite so far has been Maui, Hawaii, fantastic scenery, food and the locals are so chill.

What do you wear to a casting?

HO: Anything I’d feel comfortable in and at the same time that looks nice enough for a work appointment.

What will you do after modelling?

HO: Go back to school.

Saddest moment during your job?

HO: Leaving beautiful locations after shoots.

Hamid Onifade - Top Black Male Model Story for Sagaboi and Sagaboi.com.

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