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Select Models Celebrates Black History Month

Select Model Management recently dropped their tribute to the Black History Month(BHM) in the U.K. with its 2017 BHM video featuring a cast of all black models currently represented by the modeling agency.

Founded in 1977 by Tandy Anderson (who is bi-racial) and sisters Clare and Chrissie Castagnetti, Select has been championing diversity since its founding – representative in their model board and this BHM video. In celebrating culture and diversity, the agency brought the group of 26 models together to honor their heritage and history, and to hail the importance of inclusivity in the fashion arena.

“We pride ourselves on our strong model board and its diversity. This is part of the culture Select has been built on, for the past 40 years,” said Anderson who also directed the video which was shot by Josh Parkinson.

Featured in the video was, Junior Choi, Louis Griffiths, Darius Trabalza, Tajahn Figueroa (TAJ), James Magee, Koen Prince- Fraser, Karim Daniel, Sacha M’Baye, Marcus Siyver, Akeem OsborneO’Shea RobertsonKelvin Bueno, Santino Le Saint, Christian Bordin, Kemar Cummins, Caius Joseph, Remy Clerima, Ben Salmon, Tina Davies, Lydia Davies, Richard Ampaw, Savannah Blake, Edun Bola, Aaron Grand, Edge, and Montell Martin.

Check it out above.

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