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Akintayo Ogunkoya is the birth name of this 27-year-old Nigerian/British stunner, but in the business, he is simply known as “Ty.”

Ty Ogunkoya for Scotch and Soda - Top Black Male Model Story for Sagaboi and Sagaboi.com.

We could call him Mr. campaign since he is going after one advertisement to the next. Born in Nigeria and immigrated to the U.K., Ty has been booked for many huge brands some of them include; Armani, Abercrombie & Fitch, Benetton, Dior, Hermes, Levis and his most recent campaign, Scotch and Soda. He has been everywhere on the modelling landscape. More so literally, his face can be seen in possibly every European city at the moment. Before all the big jobs came his first steps on the runway and prominent booking was for the DKNY’s F/W 2008 show and the DKNY S/S 09 Campaign.

Ty Ogunkoya for Scotch and Soda - Top Black Male Model Story for Sagaboi and Sagaboi.com.

This year Ty got married to his longtime girlfriend Billie Brown, who is also a model. The couple was photographed together for The Kooples SS16 campaign. The 6 feet 1-inch tall model holds a degree in materials engineering and one of his secret weapons, which he lives by is a bible verse he has tattooed on his left arm -“If God is for us, who can be against us?“- Roman Ch. 8, Verse 31.

Based on his career, it seems nobody has!

Ty Ogunkoya for Scotch and Soda - Top Black Male Model Story for Sagaboi and Sagaboi.com.

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