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Victor Ndigwe, Nigerian Male Model Releases Debut Single: Trill Vybs Only

One day after Spotify made the long overdue decision to bring its service to Africa, Victor Ndigwe sends us a ‘must add’ to our playlist: “Trill Vybs Only“. Aka “the Phvnix” the 22-year-old male model from Lagos – known as one of the Nigerian top stars in the fashion industry – released his debut single “Trill Vybs Only”, and we’re feeling it.

Famous for being the face of Balmain and Missoni and working with brands such as Hermes,and United Colors of Benetton, to name a few, Ndigwe would have never thought him winning a modelling contest in 2014 would have lead to him not only being a top black male model globally but also a signer and songwriter..

The day way before Nidgwe started his modelling career in 2014 he was inspired to write the primary version of “Trill Vybs Only”, after spending an unforgettable evening together with his friends. “Trill Vybs Only” is an Afro-fusion song including Afrobeats mixed with a spin of dancehall and hip-hop. The song is about good vibes and friendship and the talent to stay patient.

His nickname Phvnix (Phoenix) relates to the ups and downs of his life, him rising from the ashes of any negative situation. See below a few thought from Victor on his first single and music.

How long did it take you to write “Trill Vybs Only”?

VN: I wrote the first version almost 4 years ago and I changed the lyrics over time. The final version was done last year in November.

What was the reason that got you into music?

VN: I can’t really say how I got into music. I didn´t even pass music lessons in school, but my mum is the choir mistress in church and my grandpa was a poet. My dad had the best collection of music ever and Victor just woke up one day and started writing, lol.

Do you have any expectations for your first single?

VN: There are so many talented people out there and I wonder why I even try to make music, but I believe I have something to offer and I hope there will be an audience. I am young and this is the time to take every possible risk, I am going all in.

What’s next?

VN: There will be another song coming maybe in a month or so. I have completed six songs thus far, that will lead to an E:P I hope.

The song deals with the gift of being patient, are you patient?

VN: I got the nickname the Phvnix during a time when I had basically lost everything and all I had left was the hope for a better future. The Phoenix is known for being a very patient animal, I believe that’s what it stands for.

Victor Ndigwe, NIgerian Male Model Releases Debut Single: Trill Vybs Only

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