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SAGABOI | Sa‘ga’boi | Sa-ga-boi


SAGABOI is a men’s fashion brand linked to the Caribbean subculture “saga boy”, which surfaced in the 1930s as a form of masculine rebellion through fashion. The Oxford Dictionary defines saga boy as a West Indian word meaning “a playboy.” and “a Caribbean term for a man who dresses in an extremely fashionable and stylish manner”. Founded in 2015 by Geoff K. Cooper, the brand operated as a magazine and, in 2022, pivoted entirely to a men’s apparel label. Sagaboi is a purveyor of men’s fashion with multicultural cues that evoke Caribbean vibes and heady feels.


Defined As: [Noun] Saga boy. A playboy.

Caribbean – West Indian – Informal

The term Sagaboi is a deep-rooted and sensual reference to the West Indian subculture "saga boy") originating from the 1930s Caribbean, symbolizing the confident, smart and uber stylish rebellious man whose worldly lifestyle and ever-expanding mentality hold no compromise the status quo.

Sagaboi is a visual expression of masculinity that intends individualism, rebellion, and acceptance. It is a visual language of masculinity. A sagaboi expresses what he believes himself to be and/or wants the freedom to be. His expressions aspire to and result in varied responses: rebellion, acceptance, intrigue, critique, change.


Saga Bhai [Hindi | Urdu] ("یئاھب اگس "): Full/real brother. Blood brother. Transitive v. To make a brother of; to call or treat as a brother; to admit to a brotherhood.


Built on the aesthetics of Caribbean ease, exuberance, emulsion and energy, SAGABOI was founded to represent a voice in the men’s fashion market (ready to wear and streetwear) that is distinctly Caribbean.

Inspired by the Caribbean; its culture, diaspora, history, lifestyle, people and practices – and its interconnectedness with global happenings and pop-culture expressions, both present and past – SAGABOI aims to honour a vast cultural legacy with potency and pride.


The Caribbean is a melange of cultures, ethnicities, languages, art forms, flora and fauna that form a profoundly multifaceted heritage spanning centuries. Rich influences tied to Amerindian, African, Chinese, European, Indian and Syrian ancestry are abundant and create a base for a plethora of cultural fusions existent in the region.

The ethos of diversity (in all its forms) and the magic of intermixing is at the core of SAGABOI’s fashion DNA. This manifold heritage is at the bedrock of SAGABOI.


Craft is central to the Caribbean’s offering. Craft makers on every island in the Caribbean fashion and form physical objects that serve as souvenirs and keepsakes with deep cultural meaning or evoke nostalgic feelings. This connection to craft is at the core of SAGABOI, and as such, each item is produced with exacting standards, strong in story, that exudes the ethos of good times, good feelings and good vibes. Whether it be sartorial, loungewear or streetwear pieces, each piece will carry the energy of the Caribbean in fit, form and fabrication.